Rumšiškes open air ethnographical museum

The Lithuanian country life museum is an exposition in the open air. The core of the museum - dwelling houses and economic buildings transferred from different regions of Lithuania - Aukstaitija (Upper Lithuania), Suvalkija, Zemaitija (Lower Lithuania or Samogitia), Lithuania Minor. The buildings are grouped in complexes: farmsteads, small villages, and towns. They represent the most characteristic stylistic features, planning, constructions, and decorative elements of buildings of different epochs and social strata. Natural environment of the buildings is restored - fences, green plantation, sacral monuments. In 51 of these buildings an interior exposition with the equipment characteristic to some particular period is arranged - furniture, cloths, kitchen articles, working tools. In some buildings the process of some kind of work is demonstrated: making pots of clay, processing of the amber, wood, metal, weaving etc. A separate sector is devoted to the memory of the exile and torture of the Lithuanian people - wigwam, exile carriage, and monuments.