Palanga Amber museum and Winter Garden in Kretinga

Palanga - is a year-round health resort, but is famed more for what happens during the short summer period between the beginning of June and September. During this time the population balloons from a regular 20,000, to 100,000 or more, especially during the weekends. Most people come to Palanga and see the pier and the beach, but there are few other things to delight in, from botany to the house of the man credited with awakening the Lithuanian psyche

Amber museum - Situated in the 19th century mansion of one Count Tiškevičius, this is a truly fascinating museum, with somewhere in the region of 25,000 pieces of amber, over half of which have animals and plants trapped inside. Telling the story of ‘Baltic Gold’, this is a wonderful place to bring the kids for both fun and education.

Kretinga - in 1875 The Count Tiškevičius purchased Kretinga Manor, he built an impressive palace with a winter garden and a most wonderful park. Today the Museum of Kretinga is opened here exhibiting the richest archaeological collections of ancient seashore settlings and a highly valued collection of old European paintings. The XIX–XX century park surrounding the estate was known as one of the most beautiful parks in western Lithuania. It is visited by a lot of visitors. The romantic traveler will have a chance to walk among hundred-years-old oaks or lime tree and chestnut alleys, to go for a walk around the lake, and to ponder by the Stone of Love.