Kaunas Old town

  • Old town - Covering a total of 106 hectares or thereabouts, is dominated by a majestic, often crumbling mix of Gothic and Renaissance-style structures with a cluster of 16th century merchant houses around the town hall. The main street, Vilniaus, was in its day way back in the 13th century, a highway linking the city with Vilnius.
  • Kaunas castle – The city’s 13th century castle was the country’s first defensive bastion and the only double-walled castle in Lithuania. Unlike most other castles of the time, Kaunas was not made by wood, but was one of the few stone castles.
  • Perkūnas house – Built in a similar style to St. Anne’s church in Vilnius, this is one of the most original examples of late Gothic architecture in Lithuania. Built during the final days of the 15th century, the rich architecture symbolized the economic power of the Hanseatic League and German expansion.
  • Town hall – The 53-metre high tower over the ancient heart of Kaunas, the Town Square, was first built in 1542 and is referred to as the White Swan of Kaunas