Day of kayaking

Lithuania is famous of it’s clear waters. There you will find a plenty of rivers, lakes with picturesque sandy banks

Many easy and short water routes run through lakes and rivers of Lithuania. Aukstaitija and Dzukija Regions offer a real paradise for travellers who enjoy boating.

Try one of our adventurous kayaking tours down the ŪLA and MERKYS, which are the most interesting and picturesque rivers for water tourism in Lithuania. Both rivers flow via ancient villages and woods of Dzukija National Park in the south-eastern part of Lithuania.

The Ūla River is famous for its impressive slopes and loops. Numerous snags and logs lying across the river make kayaking more difficult; however, at the same time this makes it more interesting and funny. The Merkys is wider and slower river with several small shoals and single boulders; and wooded riversides abound in springs.

One-day kayaking tour is a real adventure for beginners and even for experienced paddlers, for couples and tourist groups, and also for families with children.

The tour includes:

  • Rental of modern plastic two-seat kayaks
  • A guide who will provide instructions and direction, organise picnic lunches in nature
  • Transfers to/from the place where you start and finish your kayaking adventure;
  • Permission for kayaking down the Ula River;